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Whether you are biking, fly-fishing, or skiing, we have everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in Sun Valley and the Wood River Valley.  Stop by your friendliest neighborhood sporting goods store.

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From our street cruiser models to our mountain bikes and snow crawlers, we have a bike that's just waiting for you to hop on and fly like the wind. Stop in and find it today!

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Winter sports don't have to be expensive

Everyone should be able to enjoy the snowy slopes, and we're trying to do our part to make that a possibility. We have great adult and junior rental rates.

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Winter equipment rental
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From cruisers and townies, to mountain and snow bikes, we have something for everyone to buy or rent to shred the trails in Sun Valley.  Stop by and find it today!

Are you ready to grind?

We offer Junior Lease packages starting in October and have competitive rental prices on our Alpine, snowboard, and Nordic gear.  Enjoy the snow while you're in Sun Valley!

Shredding Sun Valley?

Visit our full-service fly shop for the latest in fishing products and advice fresh from Silver Creek, the Big Wood, the Big Lost, and surrounding fisheries.

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